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New challenges in fiber optic network monitoring”, EDN Telecom magazine, August 2013.View Content

Represented AM Networks, a NeST Group company based out of USA, in meetings held by Verizon to help NeST Group enter into the market on passive FTTH solutions specifically for Multi Dwelling Units.View Content

In 2004 itself, Suresh predicted the requirement of Intrusion Proof Systems for Fiber Optic networks in future .Initial research was initiated and a few prototypes were developed namely Fiber Sentinel System, also known as Intrusion Proof System. These systems can safeguard fiber optic communication channel from hacking attempts, eavesdropping and service outage (due to rupture). The device with its exclusive WaveSenseTM intrusion prevention technology provides continuous, real-time monitoring of a fiber connection, detects any physical intrusions, and instantly eliminates the intrusion by shutting down the transmission. Automatic optical bypass switching simultaneously diverts data to an alternate fiber path.View Content