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Innovation in blood

• Initiating a startup ( at the age of 50, Suresh came up with the concept of providing affordable healthcare products. He spent all his personal earnings for this societal cause.
• Led a fresh team and came up with the innovation on Non invasive Oral cancer detection device.
• Held Rank 1 innovator position in India during 2014.
• Was honoured with DST Lockheed Martin Award 2014 ( as well as ‘Medicall 2014’ award. (
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Technical Leadership

Continued to concentrate on futuristic products:

Design and Development of Super Continuum Light Source and Confocal Microscopy: As a Senior Consultant to Vinvish Technologies Pvt Ltd ( , Suresh took technical leadership to collaborate with Central Glass And Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI) ,and to undertake a project from CSIR to design and develop country’s first Super Continuum Light Source and a Confocal Microscope excited with this SC source. This is designed with innovation to achieve low cost. This has brought in respect among technical fraternity in the country. A few systems are already sold.